9th Australasian Interactive Entertainment Conference

GEElab doctoral researcher Lauren S. Ferro was recently successful in her long paper submission (co-authored by Dr Steffen P. Walz and Dr Stefan Greuter) for the 9th Australasian Interactive Entertainment Conference.

The paper titled Towards Personalised, Gamified Systems: An investigation into game design, personality and player typologies is a theoretical analysis about the relationship between personality types and traits in relation to game elements and game mechanics. The paper proposed a preliminary table outlining the potential combinations of personality types and traits from personality theories and theorists such as Hans Eysenck, Galen, Raymond Cattell, and the “Big 5”, as well as game elements and mechanics outlined by Karl Kapp, Jesse Schell and Tracy Fullerton.

This paper is in relation to Lauren’s doctoral research project, perfekt.ID, which investigates how the use of game elements and game mechanics addressing personality can make a more intrinsically motivating gamified experience.

Lauren will be giving a presentation about the accepted paper at the Interactive Entertainment Conference on Monday 30th September. Co-chaired by Dr Stefan Greuter, this event is hosted by RMIT in the Design Hub. To find out more about Lauren’s upcoming presentation or to learn about the Interactive Entertainment Conference, register now.