Freeplay Festival

An annual festival showcasing indie game developers and new media, Freeplay is always a fun happening in Melbourne. This year, Geelab's Adelle Lin took the reigns as Associate Producer of the Freeplay Arcade, and also found time to co-create a new video game.

"Simon Hill and I created an audience engagement game called Round Tales with great mentoring from Harry Lee. Players were invited to draw an idea of something that created change or made them happy, which we then turned into a character in the game interface. They controlled their characters through a foot pad and a furry stick controller", Adelle explains.

"Round Tales was a type of co-op micro platformer, where touching on another player’s idea with your idea created an exchange and a boost to keep exploring. The game was based on the concept that one’s idea can only go so far in the world; but when we put our heads together, the sky's the limit."

Read more about Adelle's involvement on her blog. For a recap on all of Freeplay's events and highlights head to their website. Congratulations to everyone involved!