GEElab supports ACT-DESIGN indiegame exhibition in Shanghai

If you happen to be in Shanghai, don't miss out on the ART/DESIGN indiegame exhibition! From 2-4 December 2011, during the Global Education Conference On Creative Industries at Shanghai Theatre Academy, ACT/DESIGN exhibits works from two international events: Lunarcade and Digital Entertainment Jam.

Lunarcade Shanghai brings together, in playable form, seven of the most innovative games designed by independent developers from all over the world. The Digital Entertainment Jam Lite shows a collection of videos of the most original interaction designs and advergames using public spaces.
The list of artists and designers includes: Lexaloffle, Coco&Co, Tarry Cavanagh, Broken Rules, Ed Key, David Kanaga, Coconut Island, Henry Hoffman, Kate Killick, Monobanda, Mr Beam, Karolina Sobecka, Matthias Dörfelt, Timo Arnall, Jack Schulze and more!
This fine event is brought to you by our friends at the Virtual Performing Lab of Shanghai Theater Academy, who have partnered up with Milan Polytechnic's Department of Industrial Design, Arts and Communication and its School of Fashion and Design. The GEElab is an official supporter of the event. The address for the exhibition is:
Shanghai Theater Academy
Huashan Rd 600 (near Wulumuqi Rd)
STA Library, First Floor.