About the GEElab: Playing Out What Games Could Be

RMIT University's Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory – the GEElab – was established in 2011 and is the latest addition to a significant research and development investment in Games at RMIT University in Australia and in Europe.

The GEElab is a creative think & design tank for what is next (in 3-5 yrs) in games & entertainment. We conduct applied, yet critical research at the intersections of game design and game thinking with architecture & urbanism, with mobility, with various media, with entrepreneurship, as well as with novel types of engagement in non-entertainment contexts. The GEElab team explores and evaluates the ways that games and everyday life will mix, and how one could, meaningfully, colonize the other.

Please have a look at our past and present projects to see what is at play, or come visit us at one of our current locations: either at GEElab Australia in Melbourne or at our GEElab Europe offices in Karlsruhe, Germany.

What we offer

The GEElab gathers academic and industry experienced talent and provides a space for ongoing experimentation into game and interactive entertainment design as well as game thinking. Our academic and industry partners profit from the GEElab’s global reach and the added value of RMIT’s ecosystem.

Our University base allows us to work on problems and challenges long term and in depth. Our research agenda assumes that games and entertainment media will be the emergent cultural form of our time, and will be as ubiquitous as will be the Internet, computing and digital media. Thus, networked, often gamified, contextual and mobile experiences will be key to the next generation of digital entertainment.

Working in research teams, with industry members where appropriate, we are able to draw on a range of expertise, in Europe, Australasia and beyond. Located in Australia and Germany, we provide 24 hour coverage. With easy reach to Asia, Europe, and the US, we are well positioned to inform game design and game thinking research everywhere.

Please be in touch with us to discuss how we could conduct research together!

Melbourne pixel art image by courtesy of the City of Melbourne ("My City and Me, Children's Voices" publication).