Games for Change Australia & New Zealand Festival 2012

RMIT's GEElab and RMIT's School of Media and Communication are bringing the Games for Change Festival to Australia, to take place 15-16 November 2012 at the fabolous new Design Hub of RMIT.

GEElabbers Dr Steffen P Walz (Chair) and Marigo Raftopoulos (Executive Producer) are acting as co-curators and are currently programming an extraordinary ‘game-changing’ urban festival experience that will showcase the power of games and other forms of inspiring entertainment to bring about social, educational, organizational as well as entrepreneurial and philanthropic change. Please visit the G4C ANZ website to learn more about who is speaking, and what else we will be offering.
Founded in 2004, the Games for Change non-profit organization facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. Unlike the commercial gaming industry, we aim to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good, but also to "change the game", that is, to find out with you how game design can engange and alter areas other than (game)play, for example to further civic participation and increase liveability in the city. We bring together organisations and individuals from the social impact sector, government, business, media, academia, the gaming industry and the arts to grow the field, incubate new ideas and provide an open platform for the exchange of ideas and resources.