GEElab Monthly Game Play #3 - Cyclops Pictionary

Working with the notion of site and sight, how is spatial awareness of site created when sight is impaired?

Using the RMIT Design Hub as the “site”, participants will create a game of spatial Pictionary in the dark!

Using torches, ambient lighting and string, teamwork and coordination will come into play when drawing the image on the wall. Winners will be defined by a judge as well as guessing the most correct answers.

This game plays special Pictionary with the Design Hub’s Multipurpose Room.

Using key elements of the site – the dots featured in the Multipurpose Room, we’d like to create a game of spatial pictionary where  participants use coloured string and sticky tape to connect dots in the wall to “draw” an image that they are given. They will also be given a torchlight per group and be aided by ambient lighting using LED lit balloons.

Once groups have created their image they will go around and investigate what other groups have created and guess the image still in the dark in order to “win”. However, the most interesting element of the game will be when the lights are turned on and everyone gets to see what they created in the dark and compare if it is what they had imagined. There will be teamwork and coordination required in deciding how to “draw” the image on the wall.

Mercedes Mambort:
Adelle Lin:

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Venue: RMIT Design Hub, Level 1 Multipurpose Room
corner of Swanston and Victoria Street, Melbourne
Date: Wednesday 20 March 2013
Time: 12.00-1.00pm

All Monthly Game Play events will be video recorded for documentation purposes.