Adelle Lin

Research Classification
Interior / Experience Design

Current Research
What is the role of games and play in creating architecture that performs through engagement and autonomy? As we withdraw further into our individual virtual realms, connected by curated documentation of personal moments, abstracted icons and immersive interfaces, there is an increasing role for space to become an event that can inspire, stimulate, connect and provoke exchange With a background of strategy and finance, I approach design from the perspective of user autonomy and empowerment in decision-making. My practice intends to challenge the notion of space and our inhabitation of it. It is steeped in the culture of DIY, re-invention, intervention and testing, using built space, 1:1 engagements, film and animation as methods of communication. For a number of years now I have been working with the notion of games and play within my practice and am interested in developing this further as a tool for creating spaces that perform and communicate. I love working in a collaborative environment and also believe in thinking with humour and appreciating the absurd, constantly looking for ways in which design can makes us laugh.

Current Projects
Project Name: Pressing Play

Pressing Play investigates the potential of ‘gameful’ design strategies for encouraging and extending physical and cognitive engagement within interior retail spaces.

Project Name: Street Banking Concept with Crowd Productions

Delivering the concept design for a credit union flagship branch in Brisbane. The project aims to re-position the brand and introduce the bank to the CBD, through creating a street presence and a new service model that would engage with clients on a number of levels. The process of spatial prototyping will be introduced to workshop the more experimental propositions of the design and to result in a more informed outcome.

Project Name: SOL:ID with RMIT School of Design
Brief description: Developing a cross-disciplinary panel Q&A series with group of students across architecture, art and design. Our objectives for the series would be to inspire critical thinking within the design industry and to debate our expanding roles as designers. This series would be platform for practitioners and students to broaden their thinking and to hopefully develop a culture within the university and broader community that supports cross-pollination of ideas and ways of working. The topic for each week will be relevant to today's social, economic, cultural and technological climate and the format is aimed to be engaging and contemporary.

Previous Projects
Project Name: The Cave – Melbourne International Jazz Festival
A collaborative work between a group of interior designers and a vj artist for a late night Jazz Festival Program produced by Wondercore Island. Designed and constructed a large-scale environment brought to life by projection that acted as a wandering ground for audiences of the show.  The structure created a floor to ceiling connection to simulate an intimate yet awe inspiring feeling of being in a cavern but was abstract enough to work with the three themes of the event – past, present and future.  The internal frame structures have since been repurposed as furniture for parties and entertainment.
Project Name: Immersion Dinner with Crowd Productions and Heath Wallace
Brief description: Designed and produced an immersive dinner experience with a service design practice for a group of mutual clients in conjunction with UX Australia. The dinner involved participants requested to wear masks that utlised the technique of colour subtraction, the narrative of stone soup told through narration and animation, whilst involving a collaborative game played on the dinner table through the meal. The dinner reached a crescendo when the masks were taken off and the “moral of the story” was revealed.

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