Alexander Muscat

Alexander is a PhD candidate, game designer and developer, course lecturer and tutor.

He has a strong belief in the artistic and experiential capacity of games. Alex dedicatse himself to analysing and creating immersive and compelling games and digital experiences. Some of his favourite game experiences involve games with fictional worlds that feel, look and behave like real, believable places.

In 2013, Alex undertook a Doctor of Philosophy in Media and Communication. His research, Form, Function, Fiction critically examines design techniques, narrative construction and technical development in first person games. You can learm more about Alex's PhD research on his project page.

Alex is currently lecturing and tutoring an undergraduate ‘Games Studies’ subject at the university alongside Will Owen. Previously he has tutored the undergradute 'Game Studio' subject.

In 2010 Alex graduated with honours in a Bachelor of Arts (Games Graphic Design) at RMIT University. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Media Communication (Honours) in 2012, graduating with honours.

Alex has worked on various projects including digital games, health games, virtual reality, card-based and role playing. He also enjoys writing about and discussing games critically. You can learn more about Alex's projects and his writing on his website.

Twitter: @alexandermuscat
LinkedIn: AlexanderMuscat