Audio Arc performed at the ABC Eugene Goossens Hall, Sydney

 The biannual ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference is held internationally and seeks to address key topics around creative media, in 2013 the theme was ‘Intersections and Interactions’. The theme was chosen due to the inter -disciplinarity inherent in the study of creativity and cognition.

GEElab researchers Dr Jonathan Duckworth and Jennifer Lade presented their game ‘Audio Arc’ to the audience. Audio Arc is a social ad-hoc game using mobile phone technology to get people thinking about ubiquitous media and games.
“Social connectedness via mobile phones has changed the focus and scale of personal interaction. Smart phones are more than devices to communicate and access information as they become seamlessly integrated into many day-to-day human activities. While smart phones are constantly used to connect friends and associates in different locations, the experience of connecting to strangers in one’s direct proximity via a mobile phone are much less common. In Audio Arc we re-contextualise mobile phones in the simplest of ways toward stimulating connectedness with others through ad-hoc playful experiences “ says Duckworth and Lade.

Presenting at conferences like Creativity and Cognition is a great opportunity to present such concepts to an international audience of researchers and students.

Audio Arc will next be presented during Melbourne Knowledge Week and seeks to take the concepts of ad-hoc social games using technology to the public.

Image Credit: Gina Moore