Come and Play 'Word of Mouth'

RMIT City Clubs Day is fast approaching. GEElab's Adelle Lin has collaborated with Simon Hill to showcase thier interactive game Word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth is an audience engagement game where players are invited to draw an idea of something that inspires, motivates or makes them happy as they embark on their new RMIT life. These drawings are scanned, turned into a character in the game interface and projected onto a wall. Players can then control their characters through a foot pad and furry stick controller on a projector. 

The game is based on a co-operative pinball concept, where touching on another player’s idea/character with your idea/character creates an exchange and a boost to keep exploring. The game was based on the concept that one’s idea can only go so far in the world; but when we put our heads together, the sky's the limit.

Thursday March 6th
11am - 2.30pm
RMIT City Campus, Gillespie Plaza