Jens M Stober

Research Classification
Doctoral Researcher, Media Artist and Game Designer
Current Research
Jens is a media artist and game designer. He playfully started to understand the computer and its software, particularly games, as a toolset for the creation of digital worlds. He began to see games in the same way he saw his LEGO bricks from the material world: small individual pieces that could be modified to create something larger and whole. Throughout his life, he has also used games as a toolset for his artistic work in the field of digital media art.
He has been studying media art at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe, where he has also co-founded the GameLab Karlsruhe. In 2010 he started, with the release of the game 1378(km), a huge controversy and discussion in Germany and parts of the world, if a game is allowed to handle about the inner-German border situation.
Recently the game 1378(km) was noted as one of the best German games of the last 25 years.
His artistic works were shown in exhibitions in the Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM), Museum of Contemporary Art (MNK) Karlsruhe, Centre for Contemporary Art (DOX) Praque, Comptuerspielemuseum Berlin and many more.
As a doctoral researcher at GEElab Europe, Jens is investigating Hacking as a Playful Strategy for Designing Artistic Games. He is interested in a playful use of technologies (e.g. virtual reality and brain computer interfaces) to transform them into artistic, gameful and experimental entertainment.
He is helping to define the emerging field of Neurogame Design from a Game Design perspective. He applies his knowledge in the design process of the NeuroVR Game RIDE YOUR MIND - his research project.

Current Project: RIDE YOUR MIND

RIDE YOUR MIND (RYM) is a prototype of an interactive, hackish, neurofeedback real-time virtual reality game art installation or, in brief, an artistic and experimental NeuroVR game that forces the user’s conscious to compete with his subconscious.

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