Luisa Kautzmann

Luisa Kautzmann is the Bizplay Project Co-ordinator.

Luisa Kautzmann is an events management specialist who has joined the GEElab Europe team to coordinate BizPlay 2013. As an event coordinator, Luisa has worked on events including the open day of the new headquarter of Thyssen Krupp in Essen and a marketing plan for the new visitor center of the Ganter Brewery in Freiburg, Germany.

After studying events management in Freiburg, Germany and also at Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds, UK, she graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree. The key question of her thesis was about how creativity and innovation can influence the successful outcome of an event.

Interested in computer games since the acquisition of her first PC in the 90s, Luisa is passionate about film and comics and looks forward to the release of the Play Station 4 and games like GTA5, Thief and the Elder Scrolls Online. Furthermore, she loves the work of artist Stefan Strumbel who makes fancy cuckoo clocks and paintings/ graffiti concerning the Black Forest.