Melbourne Knowledge Week event: PERSONA-lise

Unveil your game persona in Persona-lise, a workshop designed for those interested in gamification and understanding how to personalise its approach.


Any number of things that we do in our daily lives have already been gamified - how we get fit, how we learn, how we talk with others. When it comes to the design of these systems and understanding the users, gamified systems have the potential to be highly effective in not only short-term, but also long-term engagement.


In this workshop, you will begin a journey into an exciting and evolving area of gamified design. You will be able to explore the basic processes used to create enjoyable, engaging and motivating systems, and understand how to implement them. Participants will gain a better understanding about the concept of gamification and how to design more meaningful gamified systems by working in their Persona groups to create a paper prototype of a gamified system.


This event is presented as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week by RMIT University Games and Experimental Entertainment Lab (GEElab).


Date: Monday 27th October 2014

Time: 1000 -1300

Venue: RMIt Design Hub, Corner of Swanston and Victoria Streets, Melbourne

Building 100, Level 10, Pavilion 1


RSVP Essential (as places are limited):

Telephone: (03) 9925 1152