Peter Klement

Peter holds a Bachelor in German Literature with a Minor in Multimedia as well as a Master in German Literature with a focus on new media. In his master thesis entitled Complexity in Digital Games, he introduced his examiners to rocket jumps, bullet time and circle strafing – and he is still proud to get away with it.

Before joining GEElab, he worked for two and half years as a Social Media Manager at kr3m. media where he consulted customers, created application concepts and did the storytelling, marketing and PR. As Project Manager in GEElab Europe, Peter will use these skills to keep projects on budget, on time and the teams working in good spirits.

When found outside of GEElab he is one of the organizers of the Game Culture Club for Distinguished Gentlebeings and writes for several magazines such as TITEL-Magazin, WASD, and about digital games and comics. He is also a firm believer in the Swiss Army knife. 

Twitter: ZeroNiner09
Skype: monddiktator