1st European Neurogame Jam at GEElab Europe

On Friday, 17 April 2015, the first European Neurogame Jam will take place at RMIT University's Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEElab) Europe in Karlsruhe, Germany. The event will be hosted by Doctoral Researcher Jens M. Stober (GEElab), Diploma Candidate Iris Birnbaum (TECO/KIT), Associate Professor Dr Steffen P Walz (GEElab) and Dr Jussi Holopainen (GEElab).

Kicking off, Jens M. Stober will provide insight into his research on Neurogame Design and showcase his doctoral project Ride Your Mind. Iris Birnbaum will then present her Neurogame Design Toolchain Prototype, developed in collaboration between the GEElab and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s TECO research group. The Toolchain is specially designed for Game Designers working with Unity3D.
We will provide two prepared workstations each featuring an Emotiv EEG Neuro-Headset and the Neurogame Design Tools for Unity3D. It is necessary that you are familiar to work with Unity3D! Participants are invited to give feedback about the provided Neurogame Design Toolchain Prototype.
Of course, participation is FREE of charge.
The games and concepts of our first Neurogame Jam will be documented and made available on www.neurogamejam.eu after the jam.
17:00h (GMT+1) - Welcome to the first European Neurogame Jam / Jens M. Stober & Steffen P. Walz
17:10h (GMT+1) - Briefing about Neurogame Design / Jens M. Stober
17:20h (GMT+1) - Presentation of the Neurogame Design Toolchain for Unity3D / Iris Birnbaum
17:30h (GMT+1) - NEUROGAME JAM starts Make concepts, work and play with the Neurogame Design Toolchain in Unity3D