GEEloqium with Martin Knöll - Urbanism, health promotion and games

Professor Martin Knöll gave a talk about the interesting combination of urbanism, health promotion and games at GEElab Europe.

Public Health is major concern worldwide and new digital solutions are developed on a daily basis. The main approach of these applications is usually  to enable personal activity tracking, provide motivation and assist the user in setting personal goals.

Most of these applications however do not take the space they are going to be used in into account. Professor Martin Knöll, who is part of the research group Urban Health Games at the TU Darmstadt, investigates with multidisciplinary teams how these spaces influence user behaviour. For this they developed evaluation criteria for urban spaces and then developed several playful game concepts to get people to interact in new and interesting ways with these locations.

They contributed a game concept to the project “EVAKUIEREN” of the japanese artist collective Port B and Akira Takayama. At every evacuation point art installations, performances or playful interaction with the existing architecture could be experienced by the participants.

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