Marigo Raftopoulos - Published!

Recently GEElab PhD Researcher, Marigo Raftopoulos was published in the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds with her article “Towards gamification transparency: A conceptual framework for the development of responsible gamified enterprise systems”. Below is an abstract of her article.


Gamification currently faces several contentious issues when deployed in the enterprise to improve productivity, organizational transformation or innovation. Early experiments show that gamification can create value; however, there are significant limitations within gamification design practices that can actually destroy value. The objective of this article is not to ascertain the appropriateness or effectiveness of enterprise gamification but to provide a constructive criticism of its applications and propose a conceptual design framework and process. A cornerstone of this framework is the utilization of values-conscious design to ensure a more human-based and ethical approach to gamification design that can potentially produce more responsible and sustainable results.

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