Visiting Scholar: Professor Ansgar Gerlicher, Stuttgart Media University

In March, GEElab Melbourne welcomes visiting scholar, Professor Ansgar Gerlicher from Stuttgart Media University.

Ansgar is a Professor in Computer Science and Director of Research in Mobile Applications & Security at the Institute of Applied Science. He also is Co-Founder of the Responsive Media Experience (REMEX) Research Light-House at Stuttgart Media University.

Previously, he worked for several years as a Software Architect and Project Manager in the Telecommunication and Automotive Industries. His research interests include integration of consumer electronic devices in vehicles, Car2Car/Car2X and mobile and embedded software architectures, frameworks and mobile security. Ansgar received his PhD degree in real-time collaboration systems from the London College of Communication, UArts, UK. 

Our doctoral students Sven Krome - currently based in Melbourne - and Dominik Stampfl from the GEElab Europe have been working with Ansgar as well as with Ansgar's students, on topics assessing how to make mobility more enjoyable, using game design and media. 

Ansgar is visiting Australia together with his spouse Kathrin and their two daughters, Anna and Mara.

If you are interested to get in touch with Ansgar, then email him at: