One of the conceptual ideas we presented at the Audi Urban Future Summit 2011.

AUDI Urban Future Summit

Research collaborators: Audi AG & Stylepark AG

Together with our research collaborators Audi and Stylepark, we conceptually designed visions at the interplay of humans, personal mobility and the cities of the future - looking through a game thinking lens. These...


Trouble Tower

Research collaborators: RMIT University's Learning & Teaching Unit

In this research project, a team of RMIT Researchers developed a game for construction industry students to safely experiment with workplace hazards in a game environment. The game aims to address the...


Research collaborators: KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Chair for English Didactics, Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

In contrast to today, where students at secondary schools use the Internet rather sporadically to do a little research, etc. the vision of iDidactics is a highly personalized,...



RMIT University's Virtual Room is closely affiliated with the GEElab.

The Virtual Room is a revolutionary visualization laboratory: an interactive and immersive environment. One of the unique aspects of the display system is the way it allows participants to experience a changing...